Civility and Respect

Dress for success.

The way you dress at work is one of the key components of shaping your professional image. Whether you like it or not, you are judged by your appearance. Your attire should demonstrate your respect for the setting as well as your aspirational business job title.

The Fine Dining Lab Restaurants at HPU enforce a business attire and a business casual dress code (professional appearance still required).

  • Men: A collared shirt, dress slacks or khakis, and dress shoes or loafers are required. Sport coats are encouraged, but optional.
  • Ladies: A skirt, dresses or dress pants, and a blouse or sweater is required.
  • Not permitted in dining room:Tank and crop tops, jeans, hats, cut offs, gym and athletic attire, ripped or excessively revealing clothing.

Attire should be seasonally appropriate.

The Fine Dining Lab Restaurants reserve the right to refuse admittance to patrons who are inappropriately dressed regardless of reservation status.

In order to reinforce common courtesy and appropriate social etiquette, students who fail to cancel their reservations, thereby denying other students who desire to dine at the location, will forfeit access to Alo and 1924 PRIME for 30 days.

Reservations may be canceled up to 24 hours before the reservation time.

Students are able to dine at 1924 PRIME or Alo with the use of their HPU Passport Card (one magic meal), once per week.